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  • Introductory blog post

    ...her and my favourite digital device is my iphone as it allows me to contact my family in Sydney and friends all over the world through apps and social media. I also find that it keeps me...

    2040 days ago

  • Some things about me

    ...d racing speedway. My favourite digital device is my smart phone. I use my smart phone every day to connect with friends and family and to use social media sites such as facebook. It is...

    2043 days ago

  • Topic of My Choice Week 3 Blog

    During week three I came across an interesting article It was looking at helping young people become digitally fluent.

    2014 days ago

  • Introduction

    ...ents to my teacher. When I started VCE my mum gave me a laptop computer of my own. As well as spending 1-2 hours a night studying, I discovered social media and games and would talk to m...

    2020 days ago

  • My Favourite digital device

    ...acbook computer as i was previously studying and managing my work and social medias all on my ipad, and found I r...urs on the computers applications. My laptop is very important to me; socially and buisness wise.

    2028 days ago

  • Analysis Of Google Adwords Promotional Code Plans

    It is a bit more like having the most common cellphone call features. to market their alternative like a social networking site with more they are now able to acquire own social opinions called +1 that helps...Google provides a hoot regarding the socia...

    1788 days ago

  • Profile Blog for certificate I found this course a great way to learn about the different devices, tools and general socia...

    1987 days ago