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  • Nathaniel Ostashewski

    About me: ...through discussion and collaboration. Nathaniel also manages the Curtin MOOC portfolio as part of a strate...that utilizes media to support learner engagement, an approach common in MOOC design.

    1935 days ago

  • lisahayter

    About me: ...days). this is my first year studying at uni although i have done a few tafe courses over the years. to be honest im a little hesitant with this MOOC as at first glance it seems m...

    1911 days ago

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  • MOOC

    My first question when I was directed to the MOOC site, how do I actually pronounce MOOC? I find myself wanting to say MOOOoooC, ha, ha. I like this site it is easy to navigate and the activities are super interesting. I am already excited for what is going to come next week.

    1984 days ago

  • Introduction - Favourite Digital Device

    This is my first blog post for MOOC, I am still catching up on looking around MOOC and am finding it a very interesting concept so far! I am particularly enjoying all of the videos to watch, it is much mor...

    1972 days ago

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    By Amelia F 1971 days ago

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    I am very new to MOOC and trying to familiarise myself but I still do not understand... please help

    By TC 1985 days ago

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    Does any know if we can post videos on MOOC, or does it have to be via a blog.
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    This is the group for 'Participating in the digital age', an Open Online Course being run by Curtin University. Everyone joining the site should be signed up for this automatically, but you can leave it or join it at any time. You can change the notification settings for this group in your Settin...

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    1972 days ago

  • PDA MOOC start

    Tags (comma separated): mooc, pda, schedule

    2005 days ago

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