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  • Jon Dron (admin)

    Skills: learning designInterests: learningAbout me: ...Research Institute. I also have an honorary position in the Centre for Learning and Teaching at the Universit...straddles a few disciplinary borders, mainly floating around areas of learning, pedagogy and technology. I'm...

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  • Jennifer Howell

    About me: I've been an educator for over 20years, and have been teaching in teacher education programs since 2005. I've taught in Australia, Hong Kong and the United Kingdom and currently I'm an Instructional Technology Lecturer, interested in the use of technologies in all aspects of teaching and learning

    1252 days ago

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    By Rolla Manzalji 2029 days ago

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    Just signed in & I'm confused do we use this site now or blackboard learning or is this connected and where do I do the digital poll help

    By Nathaniel Ostashewski 2058 days ago

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    Check out the Curtin Commons site on your Mobile Device - it looks great on a phone or iPad! Great for learning wherever you have a moment.

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    ...(how the world sees you), avatar and personal dashboard (a place where you can organize what you see of the site and how you see it - a personal learning environment). Logging in:...

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    ...can also add multiple tabs, each of which can contain its own widgets or, if you like, the contents of another site. The Dashboard is a personal learning environment for your use and...

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    This is the group for 'Participating in the digital age', an Open Online Course being run by Curtin University. Everyone joining the site should be signed up for this automatically, but you can leave it or join it at any time. You can change the notification settings for this group in your Settin...

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    2029 days ago

  • Jon Dron (admin)

    I'm employed by Athabasca University to teach and research as an associate professor in the School of Computing and Information Systems, and am a member of AU's Technology Enhanced Knowledge Research Institute. I also have an honorary position in the Centre for Learning and Teaching at the Univer...

    Tags (comma separated): learning, technology, educational technology, education, photography, writing, programming, systems theory, philosophy, music

    570 days ago

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