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  • How do I stop receiving so many notifications?

    I am getting far too many notifications in my email. How can I stop them?

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    2306 days ago

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    How can I stop all these notifications?

    You can control how and whether you receive notifications at a very fine-grained level from the You|Your Settings menu. You will find options to control group notifications, notifications from individual people, your circles, whether you receive notifications of comments on your own posts or on p...

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    2197 days ago

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    You can control your notification settings so that your receive notifications when particular people post, when people comment on your posts, or when they continue conversations you have contributed to. Site notifications go to your own message box (available from the 'You' menu) on the site, ema...

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    2149 days ago

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    By default, you should be sent digest emails of the latest activity in your groups. Normally this will happen once a week for each group you belong to, though it may be more frequent for some groups. You can turn this off or change the frequency of messages here if you like. Please remember to ...

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    2142 days ago