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  • Nathaniel Ostashewski

    About me: ...urtin’s Centre for Teaching and Learning. Over the past several years Nathaniel has been designing networked learning and professional development courselets. His Networked Learning F...

    2124 days ago

  • lisahayter

    About me: although now with studying there very little time for that these days). this is my first year studying at uni although i have done a few tafe courses over the years. to be hones...

    2101 days ago

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    This is the group for 'Participating in the digital age', an Open Online Course being run by Curtin University. Everyone joining the site should be signed up for this automatically, but you can leave it or join it at any time. You can change the notification settings for this group in your Settin...

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    2161 days ago

  • Profile Blog for certificate I found this course a great way to learn about the different devices, tools and general social networking in the digital world we live in today. I also value the lesson on safety and security i...

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    2119 days ago