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  • Nathaniel Ostashewski

    About me: ...urtin’s Centre for Teaching and Learning. Over the past several years Nathaniel has been designing networked learning and professional development courselets. His Networked Learning F...

    2049 days ago

  • lisahayter

    About me: although now with studying there very little time for that these days). this is my first year studying at uni although i have done a few tafe courses over the years. to be hones...

    2026 days ago

  • Nicole Brown

    About me: Hi my Name is Nicole, I decided to study this course as i have always wanted to work with children. I believed that it would have been easier for me to study online via correspondance rather than attending an actual university, and so far it has been.  

    2075 days ago

  • Heather

    About me: Looking to learn something new from this course. Interest in finding my own digital life.

    1819 days ago