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  • Nathaniel Ostashewski

    Dr. Nathaniel M. Ostashewski, EdD, is a Senior Lecturer and Academic Engagement Projects Developer for Curtin University, Western Australia. He holds a Canadian teaching license and has taught a complete range of K20 subjects. Nathaniel has been engaged in providing professional development relat...

    Tags (comma separated): Reading, watersports, dance, travel, online education, technology

    1845 days ago

  • Rebecca Howe

    I am a mother to 2 children a daugther 8 and a son 6. I work as a Teacher's Aide and am currently studying a Bachelor of Education. I enjoy reading I forever have my head stuck in a book! 

    Tags (comma separated): Reading, swimming, baking

    1891 days ago

  • India L Rauchle

    India Rauchle - I am 21 years old and I live in Parkes, NSW. I have spent time travelling through South America, I lived in Lima, Peru for 12 months and studied at University San Ignacio De Loyola (USIL). I have only recently started studying to become a primary teacher. I have chosen this career...

    Tags (comma separated): Reading, spending time with family, art, photography in particular and anything new and exciting.

    1840 days ago

  • Dennis

    Hi my name is Dennis I have just started my Bachelor of Teaching – Primary through Curtin University, I currently work as a Disability Educator in Geelong, Victoria teaching Adults with intellectual Disabilities Multimedia, Music and Film making skills. I was Born in Auckland New Zealand, came t...

    Tags (comma separated): Computers, Mobile Technology, Music, Audio Recording, Animation - Stop Motion, Instagram, Photography, Reading

    1892 days ago

  • Susy Parsons

    Of all the people I have ever known, those who have pursued their dreams and failed, have lived a much more fulfilled life than those who have put their dreams on a shelf for fear of failure. (Anonymous)

    Tags (comma separated): Reading, travelling, swimming and movies

    1821 days ago

  • Jessica D

    Happy Mum of one adorable little boy. Currently studying to be an early-childhood teacher. Loves reading and chocolate 

    Tags (comma separated): Reading, shopping, art, Pinterest.

    1869 days ago

  • Justine

    Tags (comma separated): Reading, karate, craft

    1865 days ago

  • Chartomley

    Tags (comma separated): Reading, study, 4wd-ing and camping with my family

    1826 days ago

  • Aspen Mae

    I live in Melbourne with my partner, Chris, and our ragdoll cat. We are hoping to add a child to our little family soon. I have been working as an integration aide and have decided to make the move to teaching. I have a passion for children and believe that a good education is the greatest tool y...

    Tags (comma separated): Music, Animals, History, Reading, Cooking, Crochet, Sewing...

    1849 days ago

  • Sandra

    I am in my very late 60's and I would like to become digitally aware. 

    Tags (comma separated): Reading, embroidery, writing.

    1643 days ago