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Nathaniel Ostashewski

Nathaniel Ostashewski

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Nathaniel Ostashewski

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Brief description: Educator, Researcher, Choreographer, Farmer
Twitter username: nostashewski

About me

Dr. Nathaniel M. Ostashewski, EdD, is a Senior Lecturer and Academic Engagement Projects Developer for Curtin University, Western Australia. He holds a Canadian teaching license and has taught a complete range of K20 subjects. Nathaniel has been engaged in providing professional development related to technology use since 1996. In the past he has worked as a teacher, media producer, academic consultant, instructional designer, social media researcher, and a dance choreographer. In Curtin University, Nathaniel has been supporting faculty in their use of learning technologies focusing on authentic student engagement through discussion and collaboration. Nathaniel also manages the Curtin MOOC portfolio as part of a strategic initiative in Curtin’s Centre for Teaching and Learning. Over the past several years Nathaniel has been designing networked learning and professional development courselets. His Networked Learning Framework ( is an instructional design model that utilizes media to support learner engagement, an approach common in MOOC design.