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Jon Dron (admin)

Jon Dron (admin)

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Jon Dron (admin)


Brief description: Site admin and site builder
Telephone: +1-866-916-9634 (will go to voicemail)
Mobile phone: +1-604-445-2486
Twitter username: jondron
Facebook: jondron
Skype: jondron
Google+: jondron


Year of birth: 1961
Gender: male
Highest level of educational qualification: doctorate

About me

I'm employed by Athabasca University to teach and research as an associate professor in the School of Computing and Information Systems, and am a member of AU's Technology Enhanced Knowledge Research Institute. I also have an honorary position in the Centre for Learning and Teaching at the University of Brighton, UK, and am a university associate at Curtin University (at least, that's what it says on my ID card!). My professional work straddles a few disciplinary borders, mainly floating around areas of learning, pedagogy and technology. I'm a National Teaching Fellow of the Higher Education Academy, UK.

I built this site using Elgg, an open source framework for building social websites. The buck stops here when the site doesn't work!

If you want to contact me about things not related to how the site is working, it's normally better to use my other identity on this system, Jon Dron.