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This site is hosted in Singapore

Information that you provide on this site is owned and controlled by you. We assert no rights to content here and we will not reveal it to others unless required to do so by law. While we take every precaution that we can to protect your data and will not intentionally give anything that you reveal to anyone else, the site is hosted in the Signapore and is thus subject to data protection laws in that country (or the lack of them).

Public information revealed beyond the site

By default, your name and username are visible to search engines. You are welcome to change the visible name (via your settings) to something more anonymous if you wish to hide your identity from others. Your username (usually a highly abbreviated form of your actual name) will always be visible in public otherwise the site could not work, but this does not constitute personal identifiable information unless you also allow your real name or other personal details to be visible and thus associated with it. All other profile information, including contact details, personal tags, your profile picture etc is subject to discretionary access control so that you can choose who gets to see what.

Note that anything that you deliberately make public (including comments made on publicly visible posts, that are labelled as such to help you to avoid doing so unwittingly) will be associated with your username, which will be visible to the public.

Access by site administrators

It is technically possible for certain systems administrators to obtain access to records. Our staff are bound by legal, ethical and contractual obligations to not abuse this authority. The software allows systems administrators to "login as" an individual user. This feature will be used to help de-bug and troubleshoot problems in the system.   We will not use this facility unless required to do so for technical or legal reasons and, wherever possible, we will use it in consultation with affected users. In addition, under extremely rare conditions, we may be required, by a court order, to release personal information. Should this be required, information will only be released in accordance with the relevant privacy legislation.

We take our responsibilities to protect personal privacy extremely seriously and will do our best to protect your privacy to the full extent of what the law allows.