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This is the group for 'Participating in the digital age', an Open Online Course being run by Curtin University. Everyone joining the site should be signed up for this automatically, but you can leave it or join it at any time. You can change the notification settings for this group in your Settings - look for Group Notications, and choose whether you want email notifications, site notifications (this website only), or both, or neither.


Brief description: Participating in the Digital Age
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How to receive your Certificate of Participation!

Select 3 activities from Weeks 3 - 6 that are a good representation of your contribution to the PDA MOOC. Post links to them in a Profile Blog along with a short (3-5 sentences) description of something you are most proud of accomplishing or you found most difficult or enlightening in this course. Please send us your name in an email to letting us know you are done!

Finally - if you are participating in this course as part of the Curtin Unit titled “Living and Learning in the Digital Age” please help us by completing a survey about you experience. You can find the Survey Here

Alternatively - if you are not enrolled in the Curtin Unit, we welcome your comments about your course experience sent to us at
Jennifer, Nathaniel, & Jon.
and with that "See you online!"

Welcome & First Instructions

WEEKLY Activities and tools are all found under the TABs just above the Group Icon.

CLICK HERE to take the PreCourse Survey and help us to understand more about the learners in this course. Then head over to the Week 1 Tab to get going on this week's activities.


Participating in the Digital Age

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