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  • Gill-lee published a blog post Introduction 2129 days ago
    My name is Gillian I am a director of a childcare centre and my hobbies are going to the gym, spending time with friends and family, beach, shopping, camping, kayaking. My favourite digital device is my phone I use it all day long. It is my...
  • Nicole Brown published a blog post All about me. 2131 days ago
    My name is Nicole and im 24. My favourite digital device is my phone as i can use it all the time everywhere i am. I use it for the internet, facebook, checking emails and general browsing. I also use it for apps as well as to text and call people.
  • Frank Wun posted to the wire 2131 days ago
    My audit score was 69%. I am happy with this, it is about where I see myself. I have no % aim for the future. FrankWun
  • Elisabeth Croker posted to the wire 2131 days ago
    So I am "Quite Digital" but only just with a score of 52. I accept that my life is fairly untouched by technology though that is changing!
  • georgiaOUA published a blog post Introductory blog post 2131 days ago
    My name is Georgia I am 23 and I love on the mid north coast of NSW. I am studying to become a primary school teacher and my favourite digital device is my iphone as it allows me to contact my family in Sydney and friends all over the world...
  • TC posted to the wire 2132 days ago
    I scored in the "very digital" range for the digital audit survey, this would be a fair result for a gen Y student and desk worker.
  • Kerrie M published a blog post Digital device 2132 days ago
    My most used digital device is my iPhone - simply because it is so much more than a phone. In fact, I rarely actually use the phone option. It is my laptop, my address book, my daily planner, shopping list, newspapers, magazines, book, notepad,...
  • Nathaniel Ostashewski uploaded the file Registration HELP 2132 days ago
    Access this PDF to assist with the Registation process.
  • India L Rauchle published a blog post MOOC 2133 days ago
    My first question when I was directed to the MOOC site, how do I actually pronounce MOOC? I find myself wanting to say MOOOoooC, ha, ha. I like this site it is easy to navigate and the activities are super interesting. I am already excited for...
  • TC posted to the wire 2133 days ago
    Does any know if we can post videos on MOOC, or does it have to be via a blog.
  • TC posted to the wire 2133 days ago
    To find out more about me view my profile page. Kudos for the MOOC system, looks like it's based around my favourite concept, interaction.
  • Jhannon123 posted to the wire 2133 days ago
    I scored 78%. I was surprised i thought it would be higher, but saying that i guess it proves that technology does not rule my life.
  • jennip98 published a blog post Hello from jennip98 2133 days ago
    Hello I'm Jenni If you read my profile you will see I work at Murdoch university. I am interested in all things "e" and my particular interest is elearning. I am keen to see how other educators design their online courses to make them more...
  • Natascha Venter commented on the blog Some things about me 2133 days ago
    Hi Miranda Ball, Lovely to meet you! I'm Natascha Venter from South Africa currently living in Chile and studying online through Curtin University & OUA. I'm enrolled in my first two open units for the Bachelor of Education (Primary) through...
  • Tara Gill posted to the wire 2134 days ago
    I got 64% I hope it will improve by the time I do the assessments.
  • Judy Weggelaar posted to the wire 2134 days ago
    Is there an easy way to get to the Week 1 Activity set? I've seen it once but can't find any links back to it.